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Tips For Selling a Boston Condo Fast

Option 1: Sell Your Boston Condominium to a Real Estate Investor

The best and quickest way to sell a Boston condo is to sell it to a real estate investor. But one may ask: who is a real estate investor? How do you find one who is interested?

Investors usually tend to work with real estate agents and dont look for market rate deals as they are looking to close quick and get it done. Investors could be a developer who is looking to renovate a condo unit and re-sell it in the future. Another type of investor could be flipper who just takes on the risk of buying a condo with the possibility of turning a profit in short time. Then you have the typical investor who just wants the rental potential and will buy your condo for pure rental income.

Regardless of the investor type for a Boston condo owner usually these type of buyers will buy your condo rather fast than the typical buyer as they are prepared to close fast whether its a cash deal or financing. Investors do buy properties for a living and its their business and are more prepared and less emotional than the regular buyer. Our office works with all types of investors and can sellers with buyers without ever hitting the market.

Option 2: Sell Your Boston Condominium to a Regular Buyer Below Market Price

Selling your Boston condo to a person who just wants to live in it is another home to consider. This option may take more time and effort, but the sale price will also be closer to asking, or  at times even above, market price.

The condo sale won’t take place as quickly as it would if you sold to a real estate investor, but for some sellers, having a higher sale price is more important. With this option a seller will most likely have to hit market as the condo will have to be put up on the MLS.

By under-pricing your condo it may give you a higher offer if it ends up in a multiple bid situation. Some sellers prefer to list their property on the higher end of the market, and of course it’s their choice to do so, but this is the harder route to take as seller is competing with every other comparable unit that sold within past 6-12 months. Your condo will likely sell if it is listed at a higher price but it will also likely take a bit longer, and something that you must consider is if you value time or money money.

If you are looking to sell your Boston condo feel free to contact us and we will connect you with the right buyer.

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