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Can You Over-Prepare Your Condo for Sale?

When getting ready to sell your home you may feel a real urgency to do as much as possible to do it to prepare it for sale. Wait! Talk to your Boston real estate agent about what you should or should not do. He or she will be able to determine whether or not it is worth investing in remodeling or updating prior to putting your Boston real estate property on the market.

Why would renovating or updating your property ever be a negative before you sell?

It’s not that it’s a negative thing, but in this current market it’s important that you move forward wisely. This may or may not mean doing some things to your property prior to putting it up for sale. There is often a difference between the actual cost to repair something as well as the perceived amount needed for upgrades or repair. A well-connected Boston real estate agent will have relationships with reliable contractors that can provide solid quotes for any of the above.

Take for example, a Boston real estate property that has an electrical issue that could potentially costs thousands to fix. The seller’s agent may have a binding quote for a contractor for only $750 to fix that issue. The buyer would feel as though they were really getting something if the seller agrees to fix the issue as part of the inspection negotiation. The buyer may even accept this in return for not asking for other things he/she feels are less important or expensive. The key is using a Boston real estate agent that is well-versed in the art of selling Boston real estate. Now more than ever, there is less room for error. To sell your house successfully you need a Boston real estate agent that understands how to best present your house so that buyers will find it, its price, and terms enticing. If you pay a large sum of money to renovate and then see little return, how happy would you be? If your Boston real estate agent suggested you hold off on updates that you felt your Boston condos, Boston luxury apartments, or Boston real estate properties needed prior to being put on the market would you listen?

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