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Boston Changes Sqft Minimum Size for Apartments

Boston Changes Sqft Minimum Size for Apartments

City of Boston has approved a two-year pilot program eliminating minimum square footage requirements for new apartments and condos. This is a big change to household demographics that demand for more flexible housing options like micro apartments.

Developers of multifamily projects with 10 or more units will be eligible to submit proposals under the new guidelines, which encourage them to think creatively about how to integrate private living spaces and shared amenities.

The Boston Planning and Development Agency’s board of directors approved the pilot Thursday following a two-year study by city departments. One of the goals is to prevent existing apartments being filled with roommates and displacing families, said Marcy Ostberg, director of the city’s Housing Innovation Lab.

“Lots of people are doubling and tripling up in our family housing stock,” Ostberg said. “Residents want to to be able to afford their neighborhoods that are changing.”

Maximum sizes will range from 450 sqft for studios to 950 sqft for 3-bedroom apartments. All the developments of compact living units will be required to go through the BPDA’s Article 80 large review. There will be no no changes to the zoning code.

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