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How to Find Boston Student Housing

Finding Student Housing in Boston can be a challenging, but rewarding task. When you choose to live in Boston Off-Campus Apartments, you will benefit from a quieter, more personal space, access to kitchen facilities, privacy, and possibly a more affordable lifestyle. There are so many options and so many decisions to make; it is often hard to know where to begin. Give yourself a few months to find the ideal Boston Student Apartment; don’t rush into decisions or settle for something you are not fully satisfied with.

We offer this guide for finding the perfect apartment:

1.    Decide what area you would most like to live in. Whether you want to be close to school, or simply in a neighborhood with plenty to do, choose one to four areas to narrow down your search for Boston Student Housing. Boston neighborhoods are each distinct and offer different resources, atmospheres, populations, and price ranges. Check out the “Search by Neighborhood” section to learn more about the offerings of each area.

2.    Know what you can afford. Boston is a dynamic metropolitan city brimming with students and professionals, and therefore offers housing options that range from basic Student Apartments to Luxury Condos. Before you speak to a realtor, know your goal price, as well as your absolute maximum if it is different. Consider extra costs that may be applicable: security deposits, utilities, and any brokers’ fees. Typically, realtors charge a commission equal to one month’s rent; however, this fee may be negotiable if you are renting at off-peak times.

3.    Decide whether you are living alone or with one or more roommates. Know how many bedrooms you want, and what combined price you and any potential roommate(s) can pay.

4.    Understand what your priorities are. Take some time to think about the things that matter most to you about where you live. Consider access to transportation, parking spaces, kitchen facilities, amenities and services, amount of space, and style of apartment. We will listen to your desires and create a customized line-up of Boston Student Apartments for you to visit.

5.    Be prepared to examine and sign a lease. Understand your rights and your landlord’s responsibilities, and be sure that costs are explained in detail within the lease. Do not sign a lease with blank spaces, and make sure that both you and the property owner initial any changes you make. Additionally, list all pre-existing damage to the building in the signed copy, and be sure to request a signed copy for your own records.  If anything is unclear in the lease, feel free to clarify and ask for amendments to the lease before you sign.

6.    Before You Move In – Things To Know. Address the following issues with current tenants or the owner so that you can be prepared to begin living in your new Boston Student Apartment:

  • Inquire about general rules for the apartment or building. These may not be covered in the lease, but you should know what is expected of you as a tenant.
  • Understand the expected state of repair and cleanliness of the apartment so that if things are not in adequate condition you can have the situation remedied.
  • Make sure utilities are functional by your move-in date.
  • Know your trash and recycling pick-up days.
  • Put your name on the mailbox to insure delivery.
  • Arrange for acquiring a full set of keys.

At any step of your search for Boston off-campus apartments, feel free to contact me directly to meet with one of our experienced agents. They will help you navigate through your options, offer guidance on tough decisions, explain real estate legalities, and accompany you to see potential apartments. I will continue to be there for you long after you sign a lease to answer any questions and help with any problems that arise.

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