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Zipcar Access for Boston Residents

Many of the individuals that choose to purchase Boston condos or luxury apartments enjoy the walkable neighborhoods surrounding their new home. However, there may be occasions where a car is more desirable or necessary. For residents in Boston condos that wish to occasionally benefit from the use of a car without having to purchase one Zipcar may have a solution! Zipcar, Inc., which is conveniently based in Cambridge, MA, provides Boston residents with access to a car when and if they need one without individuals having to take on the responsibility and financial burden of actually owning a car. Zipcar recognizes that those living in Boston condos and Boston luxury apartments may be the least likely to desire to own a car as parking is expensive and sparse, the city is very walkable, and there is easy access to a number of different forms of public transportation such as the T. In an effort to make Zipcar even more accessible, Zipcar, Inc. has recently formed a partnership with Equity Residential, which currently owns apartments in a number of cities including Boston. Zipcars will be placed at Equity Residential apartments in Boston, D.C., New York, and Seattle—over 17,000 residents of participating apartment properties will have easy access to Zipcar automobiles. If you are interested in purchasing Boston condos or Boston luxury apartments, have you considered foregoing car ownership if you live in an area convenient to walk and near public transportation? Would having access to a Zipcar make you feel more at east about this decision? Contact High Rise Boston if you are interested in buying Boston condos or Boston luxury apartments. A seasoned real estate company such as High Rise Boston is familiar with all that Boston has to offer and is more than capable of finding a home and location that suits your needs and lifestyle.

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