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Does Boston Have The Worst Rush Hour Traffic in USA?

The greater Boston area had the worst rush hour traffic in United States for year 2018, this is according to a new report from traffic analytics firm INRIX (a global SaaS and DaaS company which provides a variety of Internet services and mobile applications pertaining to road traffic and driver services).

The Boston Drivers here spent about 164 extra hours on average every year on the road during rush hour traffic last year that they would not otherwise have had to spend if traffic was free-flowing, the report said. That number has gone down by 10 percent since 2017, but Boston drivers still lose more hours in traffic than Washington, D.C.-area drivers, who lost 155 hours in traffic last year. The average speed in downtown Boston was 11 miles per hour, the report stated.

“While this report provides a snapshot of the economic costs of congestion in cities, it does not reflect the impact of the time loss for individuals of different incomes. Boston may incur the most significant costs in dollar terms, but a robust public transit system means alternatives exist for lower-income households. In contrast, in a city like Houston (up to $1,365), many households depend on driving, which is more expensive on a per mile basis,”

the report noted.

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