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Tip: Selling Your Boston Home During Covid

During this difficult times a seller has to be strategic and save at the same time while selling a home. Most people are worried about letting others go in and out of their home during this pandemic and for a good reason but at the same time the property needs people to sell. One of the ways most home owners are tackling this is by turning to For Sale By Owner also known as FSBO. This option is flexible as it gives the homeowner control over the showings since they do not have to rely on a real estate agent to arrange the viewings. Basically a homeowner handles all the showings and marketing themselves and save the hassle of hiring a real estate agent as well as save on the commission.

FSBO listings are now gaining traction due to technology advancements where the property owner has the ability to list and market their home easily compared to previous decades when it was much harder. For example we offer a flat fee service for owners who want to sell on their own but want the real estate broker tools to boost their listing exposure. We put the property on MLS and the client does all the work but we dont charge a commission, only a flat listing fee. This method is great now during the pandemic since it gives owners control over who visits their home and when they visit it. Also, 2-5% saving on real estate commission helps too. Most people are working from home these days and it makes sense to use their time efficiently and save money in the process.

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