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MLS Entry Only Listing Benefits

Most people don’t know that anyone can list their home on MLS by paying a one time fee to the listing broker and pay no commission. Why would the broker do this  you may ask if he doesn’t get a commission? The answer is simple. Because the broker does not do the showings, negotiating or market the property at all. The homeowner is responsible for all the marketing and showing their own home.

Benefits of MLS Entry Only Listing

  • Flexibility – show your home at your own convince as you deal with buyers directly you can set appointments as you wish
  • Savings on commission – you pay only a flat fee and no commission to listing agent but offering some commission 2% to buyers agent would get you more buyers
  • Test the market – its a great way to see what kind of REAL feedback you would get for your home even if you dont get the desired price

Technology has changed the real estate game and has empowered homeowners with more options to sell the property on their own. By going with the mls entry only listing you are basically borrowing the tools a real estate agent and selling it on your own terms. Due to some clients asking for this service we have come up a with a flat fee listing to accommodate our clients. Learn more about flat fee MLS listings.

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