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Dearly Departed Disclosures

“There is market in everything” – this is a common conception by many especially the renown Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics and a blogger with various publications revealing this truth. In the same vein, there can also be publications revealing sites for finding out everything about Real Estate. The sole aim of most sites is to give information about the quickest place to find a particular item such as a house without a well verified report as to the safety of that house. If it’s haunted or something worst.

Real Estate sellers and brokers are not compelled to reveal under Massachusetts law if a certain property is accustomed to tragic happenings such as homicide or supernatural event such as a house inhabited by ghosts.

It is very important for buyers to know the history of a particular house or property mostly because homes linked with clearly known horrible tragedic events are sold at a discount rate unlike other properties even in the same vicinity.
It wouldn’t be out of place to say that having an in depth knowledge of a property and good specialty evaluation on previous deals is an added advantage to the seller or Real Estate broker.

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