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Will 3D Tours Become a Norm for Boston Real Estate?

Will 3D Tours Become a Norm for Boston Real Estate?If you’re hunting for the right Boston real estate home you may have been shown a listing or two with virtual tours, but has your realtor shown you any 3D tours?

Quite a few startups have popped up in the last few months alongside long-time real estate photography groups all of which are offering a new 3D tours service primarily in the New York market, though it is beginning to make its way (as many real estate trends do) to the Boston market. In fact, many are predicting it will become a common tool used by many of Boston’s real estate agents in the near future.

In this busy era when it’s easier for Boston buyers to initially be shown online listings by their agents and then weed them down from there, it only makes sense that the technology supporting this pattern should evolve. The hopes for this newer 3D tour technology is that it will continue to make the real estate buying process easier and more effective for buyers, sellers and real estate agents overall.

While the software used may vary from real estate firm to firm, this service essentially uses a special camera that takes images of a property to create a 3D model that can be seen from multiple vantage points.

It is an interesting and arguably more effective way to introduce potential buyers to a space. What do you think?

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