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Massachusetts & Boston Luxury Real Estate in High Demand

Luxury Real Estate Boston

The Archer Residences – Beacon Hill

Boston’s high-end real estate market is in high demand right now while expensive nearby suburbs such as Wellesley and Weston are also drawing quite a bit of attention.

Both suburbs have always been popular in the high-end real estate market, however, it’s gotten to the point where almost all real estate sales are landing in the luxury price range—according to a recent report.

Between January and July a total of 274 homes sold in both Weston and Wellesley. Out of these homes, only 10 were sold for $600,000 or less and only 3 sold for less than $400,000.

At the same time, over twice as many homes in both towns sold for $3 million or more—21 homes to be exact. 131 homes sold for between $1 million to $2 million between January and July.

Luxury sales are red hot in high-end neighborhoods in Boston and Massachusetts with over 30% of the number of homes selling for $3 million or more having jumped over 30% since 2013.

Are you considering purchasing high-end Boston real estate? Work with a local firm that specializes in luxury condos and real estate agent for access to some of the best residential listings available.

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