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Making Sure Your Real Estate is Secure While For Sale

Making Sure Your Real Estate is Secure While For Sale

Making Sure Your Home is Ready For Sale

When you put your property up for sale you’re putting the safety and security of your property into the hands of your realtor in a sense. Not only will your realtor show your property and be responsible for its security then, but you must trust that he or she will secure it when they’re not there. Your agent should be someone you trust and with whom you are completely comfortable. You want to feel at ease giving your  real estate agent instructions for showings such as leaving the light on when they leave, not allowing shoes in your home, ensuring that your cat does not get out, etc. You do not want to feel compelled to be at your home every time it is being shown simply to oversee its safety. Different real estate agents may choose to use combination lock boxes or keys. You want to make sure with combination lock boxes that the code is unique and not shared haphazardly. So long as the code is not compromised, electronic lock boxes are incredibly secure.

The code is generally updated daily and they record who enters and when. They can even be programmed to not allow anyone in at specific hours. Speak with your real estate broker to discuss how he/she will keep your apartment safe and secure while they’re up for sale. If you have any doubt regarding the integrity of your agent, consider finding an agent with a reputation for excellence such as those at High Rise Boston.

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