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Boston Real Estate as a Retirement Investment

You may find this hard to believe given the current housing market, but in a recent survey performed by Fannie Mae 57% of those surveyed stated that they not only believe purchasing Boston real estate and real estate nationwide is a potential investment, but that it is a better investment than the stock market or other retirement plans. If you are interested in purchasing Boston real estate and you go in with the attitude of a long-term investment that you intend to buy then hold for 20 plus years, then there’s a very good chance it will be a good investment. There are some areas such as Detroit where the housing market has been severely hit, but other than that it’s a somewhat safe bet. However, if you’re assuming that your Boston real estate will fund your retirement this may not be the case. Even if your Boston real estate purchase is a great investment, sometimes you can’t account for unexpected changes in the housing market. The last thing you’d want to do is face selling your investment Boston real estate property at 65 in a housing marketing like the one we’re experiencing now.

The survey performed by Fannie Mae also reported these additional findings:

  • 66% of Boston real estate and nationwide homeowners believe owning a home is a safe financial investment. This is down from 83% in 2003.
  • Nearly 27% of those with underwater homes surveyed believe that if their homes are underwater it is ok to walk away. This is double what it was in January of 2010.
  • 44% surveyed said they believe their home is now worth 20% more than what they originally paid.

Do you feel Boston real estate is still a good long-term investment? Do you believe you could potentially contribute to your retirement fund by purchasing Boston real estate? If you’re interested in purchasing Boston real estate, use a Boston real estate agency that will assist you in making the best investment possible.

Boston real estate agencies such as High Rise Boston have the industry experience and knowledge to help you make the wisest purchase possible.

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