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April Boston Real Estate Numbers

Last year in April potential Boston real estate buyers were rushing to purchase a home to take advantage of the home buyer tax credit. This year without some sort of incentive, April Boston real estate sales numbers seem to be suffering. In April of this year pending home sales declined. According to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, the volume of homes under agreement in April was down by 24% when compared to numbers in April 2010. Should we be overly discouraged when we compare this year’s numbers with the numbers of last year’s mini real estate bubble? With the economy finally beginning to pick up, should we still remain hopeful that the Boston real estate market will gradually pick up as well? Regardless of the reason for the big gap between last year’s and this year’s Boston real estate sales numbers, 24% is a large difference. On the other hand, Boston real estate pending sales have been gradually increasing from one month to the next. Is this simply the result of the change in season? How does this report on Boston real estate sales numbers for April affect you if you’re considering purchasing Boston real estate now? Will you still consider buying? Contact a trustworthy Boston real estate agency such as High Rise Boston to discuss your housing needs. With the right agent you can feel confident buying regardless of the status of the housing market.

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